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Exhibition inspiration

I write this post in english since I will link it from my instagram, which is intended for international audience.

Today I visited Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden, to walk around in the exhibition with RV’s, motorhomes, camper vans etc. I actually expected more stuff for us who build our own camper vans, but the main exhibition was for sure for factory built or by professional companies converted vans. 

However I did take a lots of photos, mainly on cars which were built in either a common way as I wanna build mine, or atleast in almost the same lenght/size. Several things did strike me during the day. Almost all the camper vans looked the same! The main difference was the bed layout, but 85% of the layouts reminded about my idea. However they have all got passanger seats with seatsbelts as ”lounge”, where I just wanna have a couch I think. I did also notice that the interiour feels alot like it looked like back in 1980’s. The interiour is still ”wooden”, brown material or maybe grey, but it still feels ”not that modern” in my point of view. Why are they so afraid of white colours and adding contours and wooden colored tables etc instead?

Also, they have shrinked the space between the kitchen and the toilet alot. Which makes the living area feel alot smaller. I personally think the shower area in most of the vans was a bit too big. I can for sure live with a smaller shower, which may open up the space and feel within the van. 

I also paid lots of attention to the storage cabins at the walls. The size of them and their placement. Back in the van, over the bed, it was completely impossible to sit in the bed and read a book if you have cabins on both sides. That for sure will not be in my build. I want to have one wall free so I can sit in the bed, lean back, relax, turn on a light and read a book or whatever. Less storage, but an extra room to sit at, not just sleep at.

It was a great day and the only thing I am not sure with my layout is how I am going to design my couch and where to put the swivel table and stuff. I need to pay attention to that area in the upcoming days and try to figure out exactly how I want to build that area, since I will probably store my batteries there. 

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